Our applications are designed and built in-house for the true cost of production, and optimally maintained for the life of the product.

We give our clients the option to be deeply involved in the project or shadow us as we journey from concept to production. Some prefer to remain completely hands-off and just want to enjoy the end product when it’s ready.

Our process is simply comprised of four phases. If you’re curious, the following outlines a typical successful product path.

1. Evaluation + Validation

We start at the drawing board to craft a focused solution. Each project begins with a uniquely determined holistic evaluation to ensure the vision and objectives are clearly outlined.

  1. Requirements Formulation
  2. Functional Specifications
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Brand Strategy
  5. Deployment Strategy

2. Concepting + Prototyping

We ensure the product is effectively communicated and resonates with the audience.

  1. Product Development
  2. Information Design
  3. Schematics/Wireframes
  4. High Fidelity Mock-ups
  5. Interface Design
  6. Concept Prototyping

3. Build + Test

Each solution is built to be flexible, scalable, and capable of handling real world needs with tomorrow’s technology.

  1. Local & Cloud Development
  2. Version Control (client privileges)
  3. Task Automation (Sass, Grunt)
  4. UI/Template Production
  5. Web Service Integration
  6. CMS Implementation
  7. Staging Deployment
  8. Client Review

4. Release Candidate

We publish the product with an objective eye on product performance/analytics and a subjective eye on user attraction/adaptation.

  1. Style/Charm Acceptance
  2. Asset Production/Packaging
  3. Quality Assurance Report
  4. Analytics and Metrics Reporting
  5. Product Management Consulting